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Doctor Desire Dilator

Silicone Dilator Tool Set | Pelvic Floor Muscle Exerciser | Helps w/Spasms & Pain | Improves Kegel Muscles, Strength, Flexibility, & Bladder Control




Doctor Desire silicone massage tool Set is one of the most comfortable massage tools on the market. Other trainers are made of cheap plastic, too hard, & have no instructions. Our massage tools are smooth silicone, easy to use, & hold their shape. Whether you are experiencing discomfort while using other products, our massage tool set can help. Bring back comfort with Doctor Desire.


Our massage tool comes with 6 different sizes so you can slowly increase the size as you become more experienced. It is friendly to beginners, you can go with the small one and gradually turn to the large one, from beginners to advanced players you can feel the process of gradually exercising your muscles. The pelvic floor muscle trainer helps you get there in the comfort of your own choice of time and place. Take back control with Doctor Desire.


The shape of this exerciser plug is like a engineered for comfort. Each exerciser has a tapered length-of-the-body (not just tip) body and silky-smooth medical silicone finish to reduce insertion pressure by up to 70%. It comes with a bag so you can easily travel with it or carry it anywhere on the go. You can put it in your handbag and use it when you need it. This Doctor Desire Exerciser will bring you unparalleled happiness via strengthening your muscles!


Each Doctor Desire silicone massage tool may be attached to any smooth surface (tile, glass, marble...etc.) to facilitate different exercise preferences. It has a suction on the bottom, so you do not even need to use your hands while exercising. Each unit is made from high-quality liquid silicone, a body-friendly material that is odorless, flexible, and durable. Smooth silicone feels soft to the touch but firm enough to give you a good feeling of fullness.


Worry and tension can negatively impact the pelvic floor muscles, leading to tightness and reduced flexibility. This set promotes relaxation and helps alleviate worry. By using a massage tool set to target the pelvic floor muscles, you can reduce tension, encourage relaxation, and create an environment for better flexibility.

Sample Product

Sample Product

Check out what clients say


Simple, effective, and 100% silicone. Great for just bedroom play but also really helpful with its intended use.

R. Lynn

These are made from soft silicone. There is a suction at the base and it is very very strong . I wanted to post a video, but for some reason it wouldn’t allow me to show how much suction there is, seems to be a great quality for the price point.

B. Cockrell

The material used to make this product is so soft and comfortable to work with all while being easy to clean and colorful. This set is complete with several different sizes and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. I’m looking forward to using them and reaping the benefits!